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alleciapicforprofileMy Name is Allecia

If you are like me, plagued with digestive distress, constant stomach aches through the years and extreme bloating then this is going to help you tremendously!

I have been to many Doctors and Specialists over the years and I even had a colonoscopy in my 20’s to see why all of this was happening to me for no apparent reason.

After numerous tests ALL came back negative, I instinctively knew what I had to do!

Clearly there were gut issues, often times I was hunched over on the ground in extreme discomfort…….it was time to change the foods I was putting into my body and only then would I be able to track the culprits!

That is why I became a Holistic Health Coach, and as a Holistic Health Coach I am determined to help bring Health back, one body at at time.



I hope you enjoy your visit to my home on the web


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