Allecia Vella- Holistic Health Coach

Holistic Health Coach

Holistic Health Coach

Holistic Health Coach

Holistic Health Coach

Holistic Health Coach

As a Holistic Health Coach Allecia Vella is determined to help bring Health back, one body at at time.  Allecia enjoys wholesome, REAL, organic and unprocessed foods.  Teas, herbs and whole-food supplements are her preferred ‘go-to’ before pharm drugs.  Short NAPS and a good night sleep are required for her to have optimal cell function and energy for the day!

Allecia’s Special Interests are the core of who she is.  Allecia goes out of her way to support local organic farmers who don’t use chemical pesticides and are non-GMO farmers.   She frequents local farmers markets and health food establishments.   She has even started an organic garden of her own that blesses her family with an abundance of healthy, non-GMO, chemical free fruits and vegetables and an array of fresh, fragrant herbs when New Jersey’s weather permits it!  And because what goes on your body is absorbed through your body you will find her supporting companies that make organic makeup, body and hair products. And, rightfully so, you will see Allecia supporting holistic practitioners who practice holistic modalities for health and well-being (e.g. massage, chiropractic, acupuncture).

When Allecia isn’t being a Holistic Health Coach, Training or being an Esthetician, you will most likely find her working out or going for walks in nature!  She loves to dance to a wide variety of music and has even taught Zumba!  She loves to sing along to her favorite songs on the radio or sit at her piano playing self-taught songs and singing random words to form a so-called song!   Harmonizing with music makes sense to Allecia, because that’s what she does in all areas of her life! “Harmony is bliss,” says Allecia.

When the subject of Religion gets brought up Allecia is quick to say, “we are a Christian family believing in the Holy Trinity. Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and we strive to be more like HIM daily. Without God, we wouldn’t be, and therefore we give all the glory to God for all of our successes, big or small.  Building UP friends and family and having a genuine relationship with GOD are important to me.”

“I believe that having supportive friends and family and learning to let go of those relationships not serving you, will benefit your overall health and well-being.”



“If you are like me, plagued with digestive distress, constant stomach aches through the years and extreme bloating then this is going to help you tremendously! I have been to many Doctors and Specialists over the years and I even had a colonoscopy in my 20’s to see why all of this was happening to me for no apparent reason.

After numerous tests ALL came back negative, I instinctively knew what I had to do!  Clearly there were gut issues, often times I was hunched over on the ground in extreme discomfort…….it was time to change the foods I was putting into my body and only then would I be able to track the culprits!

Pains went away, weight effortlessly fell off, I could breathe better, I felt light and my skin issues (scalp psoriasis and candida overgrowth, which kept causing rashes and bad breath) were clearing up .

I’m still a student in my own right and I continue to learn day after day from my own personal experiences with food, chemicals and environmental stressors.  My body is different from anybody elses and I’m affected differently then anybody else. However, my journey has allowed me to help others who, like me, have suffered and needed guidance and through some trial and error we were able to find the culprits and start their journey to healing their own individual body!    WE CAN DO THIS!!!”



While researching for natural remedies she has been gathering info from the web and pinning pictures on Pinterest.  Allecia has created specialized boards for herself to stay inspired.  She hopes this collection of recipes and tips will lead to inspiration and give you the know how to get yourself feeling the way YOU know you should be feeling!  ENJOY