Healthy FoodWell, My visit to Acme today was interesting! I was behind a lady probably in her late 30’s early 40’s using a ton of coupons! I had my Organic pasta and Organic butter and was certain  I had picked the shorter lane until she whipped out her coupon organizer and handed the gentleman ringing us up a handful of coupons! I was happy for her, she saved over $135.00 but I was sad when I looked over at her groceries. Nothing was local, organic, fresh, alive, real, whole or healthy. It’s such a shame that the only way to save BIG is to take advantage of “Big Giants” like all of those companies who sponsor political campaigns and are all for GMO’S from companies like Monsanto who created the dangerous health hazard Agent Orange and Round Up.

My advice: There is ALWAYS a price to pay. Period. Buying the fake, processed, GMO laden food is cheap AT FIRST but then….you become sick, ill, don’t feel up to par or ALIVE…it’s because you haven’t purchased Real, Alive food to give you the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes your body so desperately craves and needs to run optimally or efficiently.

Have a “preventative mind”……it will serve your body good and you will reap the benefits and feel ALIVE!!!

Eat Clean, Real, Local, Organic, Non-GMO and be WELL!!!

Allecia Vella CHHC, AADP, CPFT, LE