Environmental Stressors

Exhaust smoke / Air pollution / Sunrise / Silhuette

Pollution, Chemicals & More

There are thousands and thousands of chemicals being produced daily…those chemicals enter our air, water and soil!  And what people fail to realize is that those chemicals are then absorbed into the tissues of our bodies and it’s wreaking major havoc on our systems!

These chemicals have NEVER even been tested to see if they are safe for humans or animals, but yet they are being sprayed and used daily but unassuming consumers.

Pollution Solutions

Pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are know NEUROTOXINS that affect the brain and our neurological system. There’s no wonder all of these diseases, chronic ailments and autoimmune issues are so prevalent today.
Have you ever sat back and wondered why we have a huge rise in autism, cancers, early puberty in BOTH boys and girls and Parkinsons?  There have been various studies conducted through Harvard and the Environmental Working Group (EWG) that link these chemicals to some of our most devastating and debilitating diseases of today.
We have to become more aware, educating ourselves so that we can save our children and this earth from the damage of these unnecessary toxins.