Oregano oil, Oil of Oregano whatever you prefer to say is a powerful anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory anti-fungal2014-04-17 08.50.47 and anti-bacterial oil. Studies have shown that it may have the ability to kill MRSA and other antibiotic resistant conditions.

If you feel a cold or flu coming on consider going to your local health food store to pick up Oil of Oregano that has at least 80% Carvacrol in it to fend off the the bad bugs.

Oil of Oregano is so potent it must always be diluted in filtered water. Always read the manufacturers directions. What I do is add 1 drop (NOT dropper full) but 1 DROP to a full glass of water and have 4 of those per day up to 7 days.


Studies have shown Oregano Oil to be effective at killing certain parasites and  strains of Candida which contributes to candida overgrowth, yeast infections, fungal issues, skin rashes, poor oral health and the list goes on.


This is my family’s “go-to” once school starts as our “flu shot”!