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After the birth of my third child left me feeling run down, bloated and just all around not my self. I knew I needed something, I tried dieting and eating healthier but it wasn’t giving me results and just made me feel defeated. As a BUSY mom of three kids I felt as though I wouldn’t be able to follow a structured plan so I started this journey with an open mind, It was great from the beginning very easy to follow with an always on the go schedule, also lots of support and info to really understand why my body was feeling the way it did. I look forward to continue on my path to a better me.  ~ Melissa K., NJ

At 7 months into my pregnancy, I thought the cleanse would help me focus on getting back to eating real, healthy, nutrient dense foods and it really has! Since my goals were not related to weight loss, I decided to measure my progress in other ways. In just a short time, I’ve found that my heartburn has diminished, digestion and acne has improved, and the eczema has cleared up almost entirely. I look forward to your post as they are encouraging and provide great tips for introducing new things into my diet. I also started dry brushing my skin and love it! Thanks for your insight and support!

~ Nani, New Jersey


~~ Allecia! We are about half way through the program and I just wanted to let you know how it’s going for me. As you know I’ve been dealing with heartburn on almost a daily basis. I have not had heartburn in 8 days!!! It is so nice to not wake up in the middle of the night with heartburn. Also, as of this morning I have lost 7 lbs. Nice little bonus. Your support and encouragement has been fantastic. I love that the plan is really flexible, too. As someone who is a novice to clean eating and whole foods I have to say it is easy to follow and not intimidating at all. Looking forward to seeing what changes the rest of the program brings.

~ Christine,  New Jersey


~~Thank you for all of your support during this detox. I have seen amazing progress! In the first week alone I lost 6 pounds! I feel a lot better, my clothes are loose and I am sleeping more thank you for all that you do to help make a better me ~

Alesia, North Carolina